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Christie Village Timeshare Calendar          
Number 2015   2016   2017   2018  
  Friday to Friday Friday to Friday Friday to Friday Friday to Friday
Week 1 2-Jan-15 9-Jan-15 1-Jan-16 8-Jan-16 6-Jan-17 13-Jan-17 5-Jan-18 12-Jan-18
Week 2 9-Jan-15 16-Jan-15 8-Jan-16 15-Jan-16 13-Jan-17 20-Jan-17 12-Jan-18 19-Jan-18
Week 3 16-Jan-15 23-Jan-15 15-Jan-16 22-Jan-16 20-Jan-17 27-Jan-17 19-Jan-18 26-Jan-18
Week 4 23-Jan-15 30-Jan-15 22-Jan-16 29-Jan-16 27-Jan-17 3-Feb-17 26-Jan-18 2-Feb-18
Week 5 30-Jan-15 6-Feb-15 29-Jan-16 5-Feb-16 3-Feb-17 10-Feb-17 2-Feb-18 9-Feb-18
Week 6 6-Feb-15 13-Feb-15 5-Feb-16 12-Feb-16 10-Feb-17 17-Feb-17 9-Feb-18 16-Feb-18
Week 7 13-Feb-15 20-Feb-15 12-Feb-16 19-Feb-16 17-Feb-17 24-Feb-17 16-Feb-18 23-Feb-18
Week 8 20-Feb-15 27-Feb-15 19-Feb-16 26-Feb-16 24-Feb-17 3-Mar-17 23-Feb-18 2-Mar-18
Week 9 27-Feb-15 6-Mar-15 26-Feb-16 4-Mar-16 3-Mar-17 10-Mar-17 2-Mar-18 9-Mar-18
Week 10 6-Mar-15 13-Mar-15 4-Mar-16 11-Mar-16 10-Mar-17 17-Mar-17 9-Mar-18 16-Mar-18
Week 11 13-Mar-15 20-Mar-15 11-Mar-16 18-Mar-16 17-Mar-17 24-Mar-17 16-Mar-18 23-Mar-18
Week 12 20-Mar-15 27-Mar-15 18-Mar-16 25-Mar-16 24-Mar-17 31-Mar-17 23-Mar-18 30-Mar-18
Week 13 27-Mar-15 3-Apr-15 25-Mar-16 1-Apr-16 31-Mar-17 7-Apr-17 30-Mar-18 6-Apr-18
Week 14 3-Apr-15 10-Apr-15 1-Apr-16 8-Apr-16 7-Apr-17 14-Apr-17 6-Apr-18 13-Apr-18
Week 15 10-Apr-15 17-Apr-15 8-Apr-16 15-Apr-16 14-Apr-17 21-Apr-17 13-Apr-18 20-Apr-18
Week 16 17-Apr-15 24-Apr-15 15-Apr-16 22-Apr-16 21-Apr-17 28-Apr-17 20-Apr-18 27-Apr-18
Week 17 24-Apr-15 1-May-15 22-Apr-16 29-Apr-16 28-Apr-17 5-May-17 27-Apr-18 4-May-18
Week 18 1-May-15 8-May-15 29-Apr-16 6-May-16 5-May-17 12-May-17 4-May-18 11-May-18
Week 19 8-May-15 15-May-15 6-May-16 13-May-16 12-May-17 19-May-17 11-May-18 18-May-18
Week 20 15-May-15 22-May-15 13-May-16 20-May-16 19-May-17 26-May-17 18-May-18 25-May-18
Week 21 22-May-15 29-May-15 20-May-16 27-May-16 26-May-17 2-Jun-17 25-May-18 1-Jun-18
Week 22 29-May-15 5-Jun-15 27-May-16 3-Jun-16 2-Jun-17 9-Jun-17 1-Jun-18 8-Jun-18
Week 23 5-Jun-15 12-Jun-15 3-Jun-16 10-Jun-16 9-Jun-17 16-Jun-17 8-Jun-18 15-Jun-18
Week 24 12-Jun-15 19-Jun-15 10-Jun-16 17-Jun-16 16-Jun-17 23-Jun-17 15-Jun-18 22-Jun-18
Week 25 19-Jun-15 26-Jun-15 17-Jun-16 24-Jun-16 23-Jun-17 30-Jun-17 22-Jun-18 29-Jun-18
Week 26 26-Jun-15 3-Jul-15 24-Jun-16 1-Jul-16 30-Jun-17 7-Jul-17 29-Jun-18 6-Jul-18
Week 27 3-Jul-15 10-Jul-15 1-Jul-16 8-Jul-16 7-Jul-17 14-Jul-17 6-Jul-18 13-Jul-18
Week 28 10-Jul-15 17-Jul-15 8-Jul-16 15-Jul-16 14-Jul-17 21-Jul-17 13-Jul-18 20-Jul-18
Week 29 17-Jul-15 24-Jul-15 15-Jul-16 22-Jul-16 21-Jul-17 28-Jul-17 20-Jul-18 27-Jul-18
Week 30 24-Jul-15 31-Jul-15 22-Jul-16 29-Jul-16 28-Jul-17 4-Aug-17 27-Jul-18 3-Aug-18
Week 31 31-Jul-15 7-Aug-15 29-Jul-16 5-Aug-16 4-Aug-17 11-Aug-17 3-Aug-18 10-Aug-18
Week 32 7-Aug-15 14-Aug-15 5-Aug-16 12-Aug-16 11-Aug-17 18-Aug-17 10-Aug-18 17-Aug-18
Week 33 14-Aug-15 21-Aug-15 12-Aug-16 19-Aug-16 18-Aug-17 25-Aug-17 17-Aug-18 24-Aug-18
Week 34 21-Aug-15 28-Aug-15 19-Aug-16 26-Aug-16 25-Aug-17 1-Sep-17 24-Aug-18 31-Aug-18
Week 35 28-Aug-15 4-Sep-15 26-Aug-16 2-Sep-16 1-Sep-17 8-Sep-17 31-Aug-18 7-Sep-18
Week 36 4-Sep-15 11-Sep-15 2-Sep-16 9-Sep-16 8-Sep-17 15-Sep-17 7-Sep-18 14-Sep-18
Week 37 11-Sep-15 18-Sep-15 9-Sep-16 16-Sep-16 15-Sep-17 22-Sep-17 14-Sep-18 21-Sep-18
Week 38 18-Sep-15 25-Sep-15 16-Sep-16 23-Sep-16 22-Sep-17 29-Sep-17 21-Sep-18 28-Sep-18
Week 39 25-Sep-15 2-Oct-15 23-Sep-16 30-Sep-16 29-Sep-17 6-Oct-17 28-Sep-18 5-Oct-18
Week 40 2-Oct-15 9-Oct-15 30-Sep-16 7-Oct-16 6-Oct-17 13-Oct-17 5-Oct-18 12-Oct-18
Week 41 9-Oct-15 16-Oct-15 7-Oct-16 14-Oct-16 13-Oct-17 20-Oct-17 12-Oct-18 19-Oct-18
Week 42 16-Oct-15 23-Oct-15 14-Oct-16 21-Oct-16 20-Oct-17 27-Oct-17 19-Oct-18 26-Oct-18
Week 43 23-Oct-15 30-Oct-15 21-Oct-16 28-Oct-16 27-Oct-17 3-Nov-17 26-Oct-18 2-Nov-18
Week 44 30-Oct-15 6-Nov-15 28-Oct-16 4-Nov-16 3-Nov-17 10-Nov-17 2-Nov-18 9-Nov-18
Week 45 6-Nov-15 13-Nov-15 4-Nov-16 11-Nov-16 10-Nov-17 17-Nov-17 9-Nov-18 16-Nov-18
Week 46 13-Nov-15 20-Nov-15 11-Nov-16 18-Nov-16 17-Nov-17 24-Nov-17 16-Nov-18 23-Nov-18
Week 47 20-Nov-15 27-Nov-15 18-Nov-16 25-Nov-16 24-Nov-17 1-Dec-17 23-Nov-18 30-Nov-18
Week 48 27-Nov-15 4-Dec-15 25-Nov-16 2-Dec-16 1-Dec-17 8-Dec-17 30-Nov-18 7-Dec-18
Week 49 4-Dec-15 11-Dec-15 2-Dec-16 9-Dec-16 8-Dec-17 15-Dec-17 7-Dec-18 14-Dec-18
Week 50 11-Dec-15 18-Dec-15 9-Dec-16 16-Dec-16 15-Dec-17 22-Dec-17 14-Dec-18 21-Dec-18
Week 51 18-Dec-15 25-Dec-15 16-Dec-16 23-Dec-16 22-Dec-17 29-Dec-17 21-Dec-18 28-Dec-18
Week 52 25-Dec-15 1-Jan-16 23-Dec-16 30-Dec-16 29-Dec-17 5-Jan-18 28-Dec-18 3-Jan-19
Week 53     30-Dec-16 6-Jan-17        

Check in is 4:00 PM on Friday

Check out is 10:00 AM on Friday                

Christie Village
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