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Right to use contracts for timeshares

Right-to-Use Program

Have you ever wished that you could acquire a timeshare week, or another, at Christie Village without the burden of a deed and the long term responsibilities?  The Right-to-Use contract allows you to do just that!  Our Board of Administrators has approved the Right to Use program with you in mind.

Here's how it works:

1.  You find a unit and week from the list below that fits your requirements.

2.  You contact Christie Village at to make your request.

3.  If the unit/week are still available, we will send you our "Right-to-Use" contract for your signature.  We will then remove the unit/week from the list of those available.

4.  The contract allows you to use the unit for your week in two or four years for the cost of the standard maintenance fee plus sales and occupancy tax.  Currently, the maintenance fee for a two (2) bedroom unit is $350.00 and for a three (3) bedroom unit is $435.00. You may use the week, have us rent it for you, or rent it out on your own, exchange it with an exchange company, or let friends or family use it.  At the end of the contract period, you may sign for another term or turn it back to us.  There is no paperwork involved to give it back to us.  You simply walk away from it.  (See the Frequently Asked Questions sub-page on the Owners Page.)

5.  At the time you return the contract with your signature, you will include a check or credit card payment for the maintenance fee and taxes.  If you fail to pay future year's fees, you lose the unit.

6.  That's it.  No lawyers, no real estate agents, a
nd no deeds.

Please contact us at the resort office or at for further information.

We will soon have a facility for payment of your Right-to-Use charges 

"Right to Use" Units Available
1 Inquire   
2 Inquire   
3 Inquire   
4 Inquire   
5 Inquire   
6 Inquire   
7 Inquire   
8 Inquire   
9 Inquire  
10 Inquire  
11 Inquire   
12 Inquire  
13 Inquire   
14 Inquire   
15 Inquire   
16 Inquire   
17 Inquire  
18 Inquire  
19 5B   
20 Inquire  
21 Inquire   
22 3B   
23 Inquire   
24 Inquire  
25 Inquire  
26 Inquire   
27 Inquire   
28 3A   
29 Inquire   
30 Inquire   
31 3A, 3B   
32 Inquire   
33 Inquire   
34 Inquire   
35  2B  
36 Inquire   
37 Inquire  
38 Inquire  
39 Inquire   
40 Inquire   
41 Inquire  
42 Inquire   
43 Inquire   
44 5B   
45 Inquire   
46 Inquire   
47 Inquire   
48 Inquire  
49 Inquire   
50 5B   
51 Inquire  
52 Inquire  

Note: A units are 2 Bedroom and B units are 3 Bedroom

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